Health care system of Canada

 Canada government provide health care benefits to Canadian citizens and permanent gives you access to the basic medical services. But government’s plans are not fully covered. For some medical services, private insurance is needed to pay for the expenses that government doesn’t fully cover.  This is why everybody needs health insurance in Canada. Health insurance covers your cost for dental care, ambulance services, prescribed medication etc.
Mostly it is provided by the company or place you work for, and your monthly insurance charges  is deducted from your pay, if you are not working you can get medical insurance from any insurance company and you pay some money for your insurance for fixed period of time. Some insurance companies fully cover your costs and some partially cover.
Health card
Canada’s universal health care system is paid through taxes. You get health card from the province you live to use it for public health care services. Each province has their different health care plan. You should know what is covered under your health plan.
Private insurance
Private insurance extends your personal medical coverage beyond the basic coverage of government’s health plans. There are some essential health care needs which are not covered by the government, but your private insurance helps you to fulfill those health care needs such as prescribed medication, routine dental and vision care and many more. Private insurance is there to help you in these health care services.
Choosing the right health insurance for you and your family
Private health care insurance is provided by number of health care benefit providers. And there are number of plans such as personal, family and many more types. Private insurance provides is best to choose if you are self-employed or your workplace is not providing you the health benefits the best insurance provider always choose a best insurance policy for you according to your need and situation.
Insurance brokers 
Insurance brokers provides you the best insurance plan guidance suitable for you. They represent various insurances companies and suggest you the best. Information of insurance brokers can be found online, or you can visit them personally as they have their offices almost in every city.
How much you pay for private insurance?
Private insurance is same as the other market product. It all upon you how much you want to spend. You can choose health plans according to your budget. you can choose may be two services such as prescribed medication and physiotherapy etc. so the price would be accordingly. There are also plans which offers large coverage such as prescription, dental, vision, physiotherapy, medical equipment etc. average insurance plan is 70-80$ per month for an individual.

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