Mesothelioma compensation in Canada

 Mesothelioma compensation in Canada
  1. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is caused by inhaling of asbestos fibre, which accumulated in the lungs and affects the lining of the lungs. Mesothelioma can affect the lining of the abdomen and heart also. Canada is among the highest suffering countries from mesothelioma. Workers who got this type of cancer will get full compensation for their treatment. but lack of awareness, less than half of sufferers apply for this compensation
Mesothelioma and Canada:
  • The reason behind is Canada’s dedication toward the mining of asbestos. Asbestos is used in construction products such as asbestos gaskets, asbestos fireproofing, asbestos plastic etc. Vancouver and Quebec are the main mining area. This is the home of Canada’s early asbestos mines.  According to the expert reports, Average diagnosis with mesotheliomas in Canada is About 2.1 of every 100,000 Canadians. health experts estimated that this number will not stop for coming years

Asbestos mines:

  • Canada has a long-held relationship with asbestosis. The first asbestos mine was found in 1879 in Quebec. A number of companies came to make profits from it and these companies started mining asbestos and started making its products that were used in Canada as well as exported to other countries. While the asbestos industry boomed, workers got sick because of working in these mines. They started showing serious symptoms. They were suffering from severe difficulty in breathing and ultimately dying. Then metropolitan health insurance companies found that asbestos was the main cause of this severe illness. 

Who was at the risk?
  • The primary victims of this risk were miners, loaders and truck drivers, those were in direct contact with the asbestos fibre. Apart from this, carpenter, plumbers, construction workers were the secondary target of this disease.
Asbestos mines closed: 
  • in 2008, WHO banned the use of asbestos materials in many countries including Canada. Many the mines were closed after seeing the risk But Canada with few other countries voted to keep the chrysolite out of the list of dangerous substances. And they won, and again started its mining and export. Certain use of asbestos remains legal in Canada 
Health study and treatment in Canada: 
  • Canada and the U.S both have almost the same treatments. Three options are there for the treatment radiations, chemotherapy, and radiations. use of any of the treatment depends upon the severity of the disease, Stage of Cancer, age of the patient, or location of the tumor. Canada has a number of hospitals for the treatment of cancer and there are many more hospitals coming for help. Average mesothelioma survival period is 12-18 months after diagnoses. There is a number of experts and doctors who are working on this type of cancer.

Claims and Compensation: 
  • mesothelioma is an illness that requires expensive treatment and caregiving cost that is not covered under health insurance primary claims under mesothelioma are injury and wrongful death claims. Claims need to file before the deadline to prevent loss in compensations. So, it is better to speak to an attorney immediately after a mesothelioma diagnosis. Time limits to file a lawsuit are one year to up [to many years and it varies accordingly in different states.
It is also claimed under the name asbestos claim. 

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