From Canadian literature “Anne of green gables”

 The great Canadian novelist Lucy Maud Montgomery whose first book was rejected by every publisher is now among the most popular authors of Canada. The publication of “Anne of green gables” was her first step in the literary career, and her literature is still read and loved in the world.

This great author was born on November 30,1874 in Prince Edward Island. After her first book rejected to publish, she re-read the manuscript later and decided to send it again for publication. This time she was successful, it was accepted by Page Company of Boston.

“Anne of green gable” is very popular today among the people. It achieved success at its very early.  19000 copies were sold in only five months. 

Montgomery had lived the same life as the lead character of the novel “Anne” she has a great love for nature. She has a great imagination power.

At the age of 9, she wrote a poem for her favorite tree “around the poplar and spruce”.

Montgomery was named after her grandmother, who was the daughter of Queen Victoria Her maternal grandmother provided the inspiration for her first name, while Maud was borrowed from Queen Victoria's second daughter.

Montgomery's mother died of tuberculosis when she was only 2 and her father then moved to Saskatchewan. She once wrote that her earliest memory was seeing her mother in her coffin: "I did not feel any sorrow, for I knew nothing of what it all meant.

Among the 20 novels of Montgomery, 19 are set in P.E.I, and only one is set in Ontario. The Blue Castle, specifically Muskoka: according to her, Muskoka was the only place she has ever been in that it could be her Island's rival in her heart. So, she decided to write about this place in her story. This novel was a bestseller and one of her adult novels, which was banned by few libraries for featuring.

When Montgomery was a child, her grandfather’s friend teased her, which gives her a lifelong lesson that never teases a child.

After a secret engagement of 5 years, Montgomery married Reverend Ewan Macdonald in July of 1911.then the couple moved to Ontario.

The star of the 1934 film Anne of Green Gables, actress Dawn Evelyeen Paris, ended up using Anne Shirley as a stage name for the rest of her career.

In 1923, Montgomery became the first Canadian woman member of The Royal Society of Arts and Letters

Montgomery wrote more than 500 short stories, 20 novels, and two poems. Back in 1985, Megan Follows — the star of the Anne of Green Gables, spoke to CBC about how 

Anne is extremely popular in Japan due to translator Hanako Muraoka. There is a nursing school in Japan nicknamed the School of Green Gables

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