How Does Express Entry System Works for Canadian Immigration?

 What the Express Entry selection system Is?

Express Entry is a simplified and fastest process to Canadian Permanent Residence to the skilled workers. It has further three programs 

Federal skilled worker program:  candidates who are applying from other than Canada, who possess international skilled experience.

Canadian experience program: candidates who are residing in Canada having Canadian experience in the desired skill level 

Skilled trade worker program: candidates who meet the requirement for the skilled trade according to NOC

Following steps need to follow to apply through this stream:

Create an online profile

Candidates who meet the minimum requirement should create a profile to enter into the express entry pool. Express entry pool is where all the eligible candidate submits their profile.  Based on their profile, the score is offered to the candidate. Comprehensive Ranking System is used to rank the profiles of candidates in the pool based on the various factors 

 Comprehensive Ranking Score is assigned to the candidate and the number of candidates with the highest Comprehensive Ranking Score are invited to apply for Permanent Residence.

The invited applicant got PR in just six months after submitting the documents

Factors that contribute to Point 67 requirement: scoring 67 points in must to qualify for the program. The scores can be achieved by understanding the following factors. you won’t be qualified if you do not score 67 out of 100.

Age points: maximum of 12 points

Language skill points: maximum of 28 points

Work experience points: maximum of 15 points

Education points: maximum of 25 points

 Adaptability in Canada points: 10 points

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 following options can help to achieve this target:

improving your language skills

completing another degree, diploma, or certificate

job offer in Canada 

Factors that contribute to CRS:


Language skills 

Work experience

Education credentials


Invitation to apply when your score is among the highest-ranked candidates, you get an invitation to apply (ITA). It is valid for 2 months. Either you accept it and submit the documents, or you decline it if you are unable to provide the required documents. When you do not respond to an ITA, you automatically get removed from the pool and will no longer be eligible for the next either accept or decline the invitation.


Police Clearance Certificate 

Current Medical Certificate

Job Letter or Reference Letter from the employer

Birth certificate 

Language test results

Educational credential assessment report 

Proof of Funds 

A list of the documents can be checked at

Fill the form:

Sign in to Your Account

Make sure you ill all the information correctly. Any false information may lead to the cancelation of PR.

Fill all the columns that are mandatory

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