What is Doug ford’ fair warning about Ontario Covid-19 situation?

 The province is reporting a big jump in the Covid-19 positive cases this month. At the beginning of October, the highest number of cases is being recorded until now. Canada’s deputy chief public health officer has called this a critical point in the pandemic. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has warned about the crisis that we could be the next after Italy and New York.

On Friday, ford has announced that the situation is “very dangerous”. Immediate restrictions are imposed on non-essential activities such as social gathering inside and outside, gyms. Ford also said that the trend is going in a totally wrong direction.

In September, only 110 coronavirus cases were reported, which rose up to 939 in the next month. 

It is the second day in a row that the province has recorded the highest infection rate.  336 new cases in Toronto, 150 in Peel, and 126 in Ottawa are being reported till evening. 

Premier Ford has made an announcement that Toronto, peel, and Ottawa will be shut down again if cases continue to rise. He warns the public to stay alert because the province’s present situation is similar to Italy and New York.

Since school began to open, there is a rise in cases among the students too. There is a total of 482 cases reported to date after the opening of school. The computer modelers have also reported that the number of cases will rise around 1000 per day by mid-October.

News conferences will be organized to address the public to let people know about new public health measure plans.  

Here’s everything that is closing by tonight: there is another lockdown in the province for the next 28 days.

On October 9, 2020, Premier Doug Ford announced that Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa would be moving back to lockdown situation.

All indoor dining at bars. And restaurants will be suspended, delivery and takeout are still open.

All indoor gyms and other fitness studios will be closed.

Casino, performing art centers will also fall into closure as well as gathering limit for the public, events have been reduced to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors

Provincial and inter-provincial travel is advised to limit.

The city of Toronto urges residents to celebrate thanksgiving only within their households due to the high rise in the number of cases. 

Statement of chief public health officer: “As we head to this week, with weekend close, we’ve got some serious planning to do. We have to make sure that no virus is invited during gatherings. This year’s celebrations need to include personal protective equipment to stop the spread of viruses.  

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