Halloween is on the calendar but hasn’t ghosted us yet. Even in the midst of the pandemic, spirit Halloween is opening stores. We can imagine that Halloween celebrations would be different this year just like celebrated Easter Egg in April.

Will there be Halloween parties in the towns? Will people come out to celebrate this day. Will the children would be allowed to go to the neighborhood? Only time can tell 

What can we expect?

Zoom costume parties? Yes, we can expect this. While in the time of lockdown, most of the work is being done virtually, then why not zoom Halloween. There could be theme parties between friends and neighbors. There is a Halloween zoom background on the internet to help with decorating your background.

Trunk or treating trip: we usually see this event organized in schools. We can see this on the upcoming Halloween. Party City has all the decoration material available as a theme for this trip. You can host this party in your driveway too by decorating your car trunk.

Theme based bicycle parades:  Another trend we can see costume bicycles on the roads on this day. Various costume wearer can do a short parade on roads to show off their costumes and hand out candies.

Contactless candy delivery: just as contactless food delivery we can see candy bucket outside the houses. one genius dad has used an amazon delivery tube to attach to his stairs for contactless candy delivery to the kids. He will just drop candy from the top of the tube, and children can collect from the downside of the tube. isn’t’ it so amazing? Halloween goodie bag or pumpkin on the doorstep can be seen.

Glow- in- the-Dark Egg hunts: Easter egg hunts can be used on Halloween too. It would be an amazing decoration of the back or front yard. We can see them around some houses on Halloween.

Halloween masks in the market: where printed mask designs are there in the market, we can also see ghost masks available on this day. People can safely celebrate Halloween by just wearing those masks.

Themed foods: yes, we can expect receiving themed donuts decorated for this day. Many stores are expected to provide free food to customers wearing Halloween costumes.

Celebrate Halloween around the world but just sitting at home

You might not be able to visit your friends close and you have to skip travel plans for this Halloween, but still, you can feel the same spirit in the air.ß

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