These countries are Best countries for women

  The year 1909 was a time when the first International Women's Day was celebrated. It came when a group of women strikes against horrible working conditions for women, and after that, plenty of other women's issues have also been brought to the world's attention. Hence gender equality has become a major issue in the world.

Fortunately, some countries are on the right track. Nations like Austria, New Zealand, and Sweden, and many more who has made gender equality not a nicety, but a necessity. There are some countries that are working on woman's rights and living conditions are getting better than before.

Here is a list of 10 best countries to live for women as there are equal rights for women in these countries:

10. Austria:  this high-income country has the highest standards of living for both genders with high rankings in entrepreneurship, citizenship, and heritage.

9. Australia: one amazing example of women's rights is Both men and women show equal participation in sports in Australia, where life expectancy is high for both genders.

8. New Zealand:  this country is quite safe to live for women. New Zealand has as high as 8.0 gender equality score. 

7. Switzerland: Ranked as the best city overall to live in in 2017, Switzerland prides itself on promoting diversity and women's rights

6. Finland: Finland is the first country where women’s participation begins in voting and to legalize universal suffrage, this country also just founded the International Gender Equality and the country has a free education system, which includes studies until post-doc programs, offers the Finns educational opportunities seldom seen elsewhere.

5.  Canada: Canada’s score in gender equality is quite high at 9.3. 

4. Norway: In Norway, women are economically safe, they can take 35 weeks of maternity leave at full pay or 45 weeks at 80 percent pay. The country is considered as one of the gender-equal nations in the world.

3. Netherlands: the Netherlands has an amazing facility for women as New mothers are provided with maternity nurses while pregnancy which is paid for (at least partly) by insurance.

2. Sweden: this gender-neutral country has one of the best paid parental leave policies in the world for both genders (parents get 480 days of paid leave split between them), moreover women receive free or subsidized prenatal care, many daycare centers are gender-neutral to promote equality early on, and half of the country's political ministers are women.

1. Denmark: Compared to other countries, Denmark has a very small gap between men and women across education, economy, health, and politics, and it offers an earnings-related daycare system. This country provides the most flexible parental leave policies in the European Union.

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